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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... The movie that predicted Trump, the new "Roots" series, Mao, LBJ "All the Way," gay home movies, the Chinese shrine for a US pilot, and more!

Social Media News: This Week

This week ... Manisha Sinha, Rick Perlstein, Simon Schama, Kevin Kruse and more!

Crazy, Fascinating & Horrifying: Latest Edition

Talking trees. Founding Fathers pen names. Gay Prostitutes. Yes, and more.

Trump’s success with evangelical voters isn’t surprising. It was inevitable.

by Randall Balmer

The religious right has a history of racism.

The Religious Right: A History

by Samantha Bee

The comedian Samantha Bee walks viewers through the religious right's takeover of the Republican Party.

Are we ready to raise taxes on the rich?

by Kenneth Scheme and David Stasavage

History says no.

Britain should stop trying to pretend that its empire was benevolent

by Alan Lester

There seems to be a continuing assumption within the British establishment that it sets an example for others to follow and that the British are owed deference by others.

Donald Trump’s deadly strategy: His attack on government has led to riots before, and could again

by Heather Cox Richardson

Trump's assault on legitimacy of the system is reminiscent of themes that led to some of America's darkest hours.

Top 3 Signs Bill Clinton didn’t kill himself to “give” the Palestinians a State

by Juan Cole

His one-sided approach to the negotiations ensured that there would be none.

Sykes-Picot: The Centenary of A Deal That Did Not Shape the Middle East

by Harvey Morris

The 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement has become a cliche: its importance magnified out of all proportion to its effect on events in the Middle East.

Is Trump ‘Presidential’?

by Wesley Morris

Is Anyone?

George Zimmerman and the Long History of Selling “Souvenirs”

by Shawn Leigh Alexander

George Zimmerman’s decision to sell, as he describes, “the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin” is just another link in the long chain of America’s historical obsession with selling and owning memorabilia connected with the murder of African Americans.

How Will China Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Cultural Revolution?

by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Authorities now see it as a dangerously chaotic period, and they attack other youthful protest movements as resembling the turmoil caused by the Red Guards.

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