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Social Media News: What Historians Are Talking About

This week ... Simon Schama, Niall Ferguson, Ron Radosh.

Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

In the news this week ... Strange movie by Dinesh D'Souza, Nixon, Stephen Colbert, GW, Latin history and more.

Why Black Voters Don’t Feel the Bern

by Gil Troy

Sanders’ debate stumble on race issues and Hillary’s sure-footed answer help explain why she’s getting most of the African-American vote.

Republicans and the Three Stages of Grief

by Steven M. Gillon

Republicans will need to move through the three stages of political grief before it can once again be competitive on the presidential level. They are, in fact, the same stages that the Democratic Party worked through following Hubert Humphrey's loss to Richard Nixon in 1968.

The Truth About Donald Trump’s Populism

by Rick Perlstein

What Matt Taibbi’s overlooking: All fascists achieve and cement power in remarkably similar ways.

Our politics are broken and toxic: How both party elites betrayed our trust, birthed Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

by Jim Sleeper

We need to stop mocking Trump voters and ask why so many are willing to gamble this showman can fix our politics.

Toppling monuments to oppressors is an American tradition

by Ken Lawrence

We did it with George III statues as soon as the Revolution began.

The Pro-Life Movement’s Liberal Argument

by Daniel K. Williams

Pro-lifers have argued that in order for the state to protect women’s health – a goal that directly stems from the Progressive movement and that modern liberals often claim as their own – laws restricting allegedly unsafe abortion clinics are necessary.

Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

by Jeffrey Herf

The short answer is “no,” but there’s plenty of room for discomfort.

Crying Trump

by Jill Lepore

To be fair, it’s not hard to understand why it took the G.O.P. and much of the press so long, too long, to take Donald Trump’s candidacy seriously. Many times before, he flirted with running, and, each time, he quit. His bids were stunts.

Nancy Reagan's Role in the Disastrous War on Drugs

by Tony Newman

President Reagan's drug war began the mass incarceration of blacks. It was a disaster.

Is this the end of the West as we know it?

by Anne Applebaum

We are faced with the real possibility of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump, which means we have to take seriously the possibility of a President Trump.

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