Gettysburg history professor leads protest against Confederate Flag rally at historic battlefield

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Scott Hancock, a history and Africana studies associate professor at Gettysburg College, recently helped galvanize opposition to an inaugural Confederate flag rally at the historic Gettysburg battlefield near the school.

Hancock emailed various students and college clubs about a week before the rally alerting the campus community about the demonstration and asking people to join him in opposition.

“The more the better” Hancock had urged in his email, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix. “It would be great to have a large group of people speaking truth to the narrow, sanitized and distorted history often presented by supporters of the confederate flag.”

The March 5 event was organized by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, and it aimed to commemorate confederate soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War.

“The Confederate flag to us, the descendants of the Confederate soldiers – we see it as a piece of history, of heritage, of family simply because of our background and our family tree,” the commander of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Gary Casteel, told Fox 43 news. ...

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