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Confederate Memorials

  • Originally published 12/16/2015

    The Civil War ended long ago, but the battles rage on in Baltimore

    “In Baltimore, the mayor plans for a commission to advise her on what to do with the Confederate monuments in the city, most of which have been there for more than a century. Like sharks smelling blood, the feeding frenzy is on.” — A member of Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans

  • Originally published 11/23/2015

    Jefferson Is Another Target

    At both the University of Missouri at Columbia and the College of William & Mary, critics have been placing yellow sticky notes on Jefferson statues, labeling him -- among other things -- "rapist" and "racist."

  • Originally published 07/23/2015

    It’s not Dixie’s fault

    Thomas J. Sugrue

    Many of the racial injustices we associate with the South are actually worse in the North.

  • Originally published 07/07/2015

    Whining White Southerners

    Robert Parry

    It is also not an affront to history to recognize the evil realities of history.

  • Originally published 05/10/2016

    Ten Questions for Yale President Peter Salovey

    Jim Loewen

    Every year that it retains the name Calhoun College, Yale declares on its campus that John C. Calhoun was a hero worthy of the honor of having a building named for him.