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Confederate flag

  • Originally published 06/16/2016

    Southern Baptists Oppose Confederate Flag, Talk Racial Unity

    The Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday urged Christians to stop displaying the Confederate battle flag, recognizing that it is perceived by many as a "symbol of hatred, bigotry and racism" that offends millions of people.

  • Originally published 12/16/2015

    The Civil War ended long ago, but the battles rage on in Baltimore

    “In Baltimore, the mayor plans for a commission to advise her on what to do with the Confederate monuments in the city, most of which have been there for more than a century. Like sharks smelling blood, the feeding frenzy is on.” — A member of Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans

  • Originally published 07/24/2015

    Charleston and the Amok Syndrome

    Thomas Fleming

    While there is a connection to the so-called Lost Cause on the surface of Dylann Roof’s disturbed mind, it is not an explanation for the tragedy. The reason for the bloodshed is psychiatric, not racial or political.

  • Originally published 07/23/2015

    It’s not Dixie’s fault

    Thomas J. Sugrue

    Many of the racial injustices we associate with the South are actually worse in the North.

  • Originally published 07/23/2015

    Down With The Confederate Flag, Up With Donald Trump!

    Rick Perlstein

    Removing the flag of the Confederacy, raising the flag of immigrant hating: the former doesn’t spell some new Jerusalem of tolerance; the latter doesn’t mean that conservatism’s racism has finally been revealed for all to see.

  • Originally published 07/13/2015

    Daintiness, Blather, and the Confederate Flag

    Leslie Kitchen

    "I agree that it is a symbol of their heritage, but theirs is a heritage that has been saturated in racism from its very beginnings. They know this. They just don’t like to talk about the truth."

  • Originally published 07/07/2015

    Whining White Southerners

    Robert Parry

    It is also not an affront to history to recognize the evil realities of history.

  • Originally published 07/06/2015

    Hauling Down the Confederate Flag

    Davis S. Reynolds

    From Elmer Ellsworth to Bree Newsome, Americans have risked life and limb to remove a symbol of a cause they revile.

  • Originally published 07/06/2015

    Blame Jefferson for the Confederate Flag

    Nicolaus Mills

    The Confederate flag debate has lately included the problematical Robert E. Lee. But Lee is not our real problem regarding slavery’s legacy. Thomas Jefferson is.

  • Originally published 07/06/2015

    The political work of the Confederate flag

    Joseph Crespino

    Public opinion on the flag has seemed to shift with lightning speed, and yet it is a wonder how, in our modern multiracial democracy, a symbol of a rebellious slave-holding regime from the 19th century has held on as long as it has.

  • Originally published 07/02/2015

    This Myth Obscures the Surprising Truth About the Confederacy

    Joan E. Cashin

    When white Southerners proclaim that the Confederate flag represents their history, they are misrepresenting their own history. Some of their ancestors opposed the war effort, and some of them fought for the United States flag.

  • Originally published 06/29/2015

    Bring down the Confederate flag, not memory of Civil War fallen

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    In the wake of the Charleston murders, the campaign against the Confederate flag has morphed into attacks on other historical vestiges of the Confederacy itself. And anyone who cares about history should be alarmed by that.

  • Originally published 06/29/2015

    Honors for Confederates, for Thousands of Miles

    It isn’t just in South Carolina or Virginia. Cities throughout the South have streets, schools and parks named for other Confederate generals like J. E. B. Stuart, Jubal Early and Stonewall Jackson.

  • Originally published 06/26/2015

    It’s Not Just the Confederate Flag

    William Loren Katz

    The Confederate flag represents a threat to citizens of color, a symbol of treason against the United States, and a war fought on behalf of slaveholders.

  • Originally published 06/23/2015

    Terrorism in Charleston

    Jelani Cobb

    Beneath this philological fracas lay a truth evident to political speechwriters, eulogists, and news anchors: in times of tragedy, language matters.

  • Originally published 06/21/2015

    Juneteenth Is for Everyone

    Kenneth C. Davis

    150 years after its birth, Juneteenth remains largely unacknowledged on America’s national calendar. Many Americans are unaware of its existence, or its roots.

  • Originally published 06/20/2015

    Take that Flag Down

    Aaron Brown

    The state legislature of South Carolina needs to make a statement not only to its own black citizens, but to the nation as a whole, that symbols do matter.

  • Originally published 05/23/2015

    Florida professor to burn Confederate flag

    Julian Chambliss, chair of the Department of History and coordinator of the Africa & African-American Studies program at Rollins College, plans to burn a Confederate flag on Memorial Day as a way to let go of a part of history.

  • Originally published 10/06/2014

    Confederate flag in dorm roils Bryn Mawr campus

    Two students at Bryn Mawr College tacked up a Confederate flag in their dormitory hall and taped a "Mason-Dixon line" across the floor - a move they said was merely a display of their Southern pride.

  • Originally published 11/06/2013

    Kanye West’s Ego Can’t Change History

    Elon James White

    Wearing a symbol of hate and calling it artistic integrity proves that the rapper is more ignorant than many already thought he was.

  • Originally published 10/20/2013

    George Washington's Flexible Constitutionalism

    Harlow Giles Unger

    The next time someone complains Barack Obama is acting unconstitutionally, remember, that's how George Washington gave the office of president its powers.

  • Originally published 08/08/2013

    Jamelle Bouie: What Links the Neo-Confederate Virginia Flaggers, Barack Obama & Race

    Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect and a Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute. In addition to The American Prospect, his reporting and analysis has appeared in The Nation, The Atlantic, CNN.com, and The Washington Post. He covers campaigns and elections, as well as policy and public opinion. He is based in Washington, D.C. You can follow Jamelle on Twitter at @jbouie, at The American Prospect, or at his website.

  • Originally published 08/08/2013

    Va. NAACP head criticizes group’s plan to fly Confederate flag along I-95 outside Richmond

    RICHMOND, Va. — A heritage group’s plan to fly a large Confederate flag along Interstate 95 outside Richmond is drawing criticism from the head of the NAACP’s Virginia chapter.The Virginia Flaggers plans to fly the 10-by-15-foot flag on a 50-foot pole just south of Richmond. It’s tentatively scheduled to go up Sept. 28 and will be visible from the northbound lanes of the interstate, although organizers haven’t said exactly where it will be located.Virginia NAACP Executive Director King Salim Khalfani told the Richmond Times-Dispatch (http://bit.ly/14iwLLJ ) that the flag would make Richmond look like a “backwater, trailer park, hick town.”...

  • Originally published 11/29/2007

    Romney, Thompson criticize Confederate flag

    Former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney both criticized the Confederate flag during the CNN/YouTube debate on Wednesday. The flag happens to be hoisted on the Statehouse grounds in the early primary state of South Carolina, where both candidates are leading in polls. The candidates were asked by YouTube user Leroy Brooks from Houston, Texas if "this flag right here represents the symbol of racism, a symbol of political ideol

  • Originally published 07/23/2015

    Celebrating John C. Calhoun in Minnesota!

    Jim Loewen

    John C. Calhoun is remembered for what he did in the latter half of his adult life. In those years, he rationalized slavery, suppressed freedom of speech, and legitimized secession. Surely that legacy should persuade Minnesotans to rename Lake Calhoun.