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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Sarah Vowell, American Experience documentary, and the cost of history books.

Social Media News: What Historians Are Talking About

This week ... Simon Schama on Trump, Tom Sugrue complaint about David Kennedy's NYT book review, and more.

Hitler in the 2016 Election

“Trump not bothered by comparisons to Hitler” — Politico headline

Woodrow Wilson, Race, and the Depravity of Human Nature

by Barry Hankins

If the controversy over Wilson results in a heightened awareness that all our heroes are flawed, it will be a debate worth having.

Trump: A Modern Day Joe McCarthy

by Max Boot

Most reporters abhor Trump and everything he stands for. Yet they remain the instrument by which he is able to elevate himself to the top of the Republican race and to the center of the national conversation.

America's Reckless War Against Evil

by Ira Chernus

Why It’s Self-Defeating and Has No End

Trump vs. the Founding Fathers on Muslims Coming to US

by Juan Cole

Forbidding people from entering the United States on the basis of their religion is inconsistent with the ideals of the Founding Generation of the United States of America.

GOP’s hell-bent on tearing us apart: A decades-long strategy to win by divisiveness now leads to President Donald Trump

by Heather Cox Richardson

GOP's Southern strategy has won elections for 50 years. It's also fragmented America and destroyed our politics

Transforming Higher Education

by Steven M. Gillon

We face a paradox in the 21st century: We desperately need an educated workforce to fill jobs that are increasingly skilled and technological; yet we are making earning a college degree less attainable.

How Can We Fight Home-Grown Terrorism?

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Try Civics Class.

Woodrow Wilson's other problem

by Chad Pearson

Three of his key supporters favored the open shop, the union-busting position of conservative business interests.

Woodrow Wilson Was More Racist Than Wilsonianism

by David Milne

America’s 28th president reversed racial progress at home. But internationally he was ahead of his time.

Emperor Weather

by Tom Engelhardt

Turning Up the Heat on History

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