Hitler Analogies in the 2016 Election

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Anti-Trump ad created by the Citizen Super Pac, which normally sponsors GOP candidates.

On this page we are keeping track of references to Hitler in the current election.

"Farrakhan compares Hillary Clinton to Hitler in sermon" – Fox News

"So Jews were otherized in Nazi Germany to gain political power for Hitler, and right now Donald Trump is doing the same thing. He's etherizing."  – Jill Soloway at the Emmys

"Trump's LGBT comments remind me of Hitler: Cyndi Lauper" – Toronto Sun

"Trump Visits Man Who Called Him ‘Hitler’ " –  Daily Beast

"Cher compares Donald Trump to Hitler, Stalin at fundraiser" – CBS News

"The theory of political leadership that Donald Trump shares with Adolf Hitler"  –  WaPo

"Not Hitler or Augustus, but a hybrid that shows what the American polity is becoming" — Jim Sleeper

"Comparing Trump to Hitler says a lot more about the accuser than the accused" — The Hill

"Maddow researches Hitler’s past to prepare for a possible Trump win" — Politico

"How Hitler’s Rise to Power Explains Why Republicans Accept Donald Trump" — New York Magazine

"Mexican President Compares Trump to Hitler And Mussolini" — Breitbart

"Protester Interrupts Trump in Scotland, Hands out Swastika Golfballs" — Breitbart

"Meg Whitman compares Donald Trump to Hitler, Mussolini" — Politico

"First Elected GOPer To Leave Party Over Trump Compares Him To Hitler" — TPM

"The Nazi Tweets of ‘Trump God Emperor’ " — NYT Magazine 

Florida’s Grayson: At least they’re not calling me Hitler — Washington Times

"Bill Weld, Running as a Libertarian, Likens Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan to Kristallnacht" — NYT


"Radio Host: Trump as Hitler Not as Bad as Hillary's Image Problems"

"If Donald Trump is going to win the general election, he's going to have to prove to the public that he's not Adolf Hitler, which is going to be easy for him to do." — KABC's John Phillips 

"Trump And Hitler Among Names Suggested For Texas Elementary School" — Huff Post Weird News

"Charles Koch Compares Donald Trump To A Nazi" — Headline in the Huff Post

"Sanders:  'I did not compare Trump to Hitler' ” — Headline in the Jerusalem Post

"I’m not saying that Donald Trump is necessarily Hitler. I’m not saying that." — Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA)

"Disgraced Televangelist Jim Bakker Compares Bernie Sanders To Hitler" — Huff Post

"Hillary Clinton likens Donald Trump to Hitler at Jewish lobby group" — Headline in the Independent

"No, Trump Won’t Be Another Hitler" — Headline in the conservative American Thinker

"I never had the book [Mein Kampf]. I never read the book. I don't care about the book." — Donald Trump comment to Maureen Dowd, denying claims by his ex-wide that he kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bedside and that he read Mein Kamp 

"Former KKK leader [David Duke]: Trump-Hitler comparisons might be good for Hitler" — Jerusalem Post

“As the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, I’m sorry that this needs to be said, but: Although the candidate has said a number of disgusting things, the comparison to Hitler is far too facile — so facile that it is dangerous.” — Jonathan Greenblatt is CEO of the Anti-Defamation League

"Mexico’s president says Trump sounds like Hitler" — Headline in El Paso newspaper

"Nazi salutes and Weimar pastiche. Debates laden with references to MossadeghAllendeCambodia, and the Sandinistas. Gaffes about Nancy Reagan. Discussions of George WallaceDecades-old legislation. Have we ever had a presidential campaign so saturated in history, not just of the US but of other parts of the world? I feel like we're watching history unspool, in a completely chaotic, unedited way. It's as if we're at one of those sumptuous and feverish Viennese balls from the turn of the century, and every ghost from empires past has shown up to dance. What's going on? Joseph Roth, where are you?" — Corey Robin

"Sarah Silverman’s Adolf Hitler Rejects Trump Comparisons on ‘Conan’ 

"Donald Trump Is Linked To Hitler Over 2,500 Times Every Day.  Twitter users mentioned the GOP front-runner alongside the leader of Nazi Germany more than 700,000 times since June." — Headline in Vocative

"Trump-Hitler Comparisons Flawed, Unfounded" — Newsmax

"Foreign politicians are responding to Donald Trump's unvarnished world views with equally undiplomatic candour.Three detractors – all current or former Mexican leaders – compared him to Adolf Hitler. Russian President Vladimir Putin and far right-wing politicians in Europe have praised the Republican presidential front-runner for his blunt style, forceful personality and anti-immigration views." — New Zealand media

" ‘The guy is Hitler’: Louis C.K. begs fans not to vote for Donald Trump" — Washington Post story. 

"Donald Trump on Tuesday addressed criticism of a new practice at his rallies that has been compared to the "Heil" salute from Nazi Germany, dismissing the controversy as "ridiculous" before saying he would look into ending it." — CNN

"While Americans can joke about “Soup Nazis” and Hitler mustaches, Germans know firsthand what it means when a failed businessman moves from a fringe candidate to a leader who takes over your democracy and burns everything to hell. I learned this, repeatedly, while I was in Germany for a weeklong lecture on the 2016 U.S. presidential election hosted by the State Department and German officials. As I hopped from one beautiful, Old World city to another, from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin, every person I spoke to said that the rise of business mogul-turned-reality-TV star-turned-GOP front-runner Donald Trump reminded them of the early stages of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power." — Jason Johnson, in The Root 

"When Adolf Hitler Did It ... People Just Wanted Somebody To Solve Their Problems" — Glen Beck, commenting on Trump's plan to ban Muslims from America. 

"Goose-Steppers in the G.O.P. : Well, he’s got the Hitler vote. The neo-Nazi website, Daily Stormer, was out and proud earlier this week: 'Heil Donald Trump — the Ultimate Savior.' After endorsing the Republican presidential front-runner earlier this year for his call to deport 11 million Mexican immigrants, the fomenters of American fascism have now added an apt twist to his slogan, one not far from the truth of the campaign: 'Make America White Again.' " — Column by Timothy Egan in the New York Times 

“Trump not bothered by comparisons to Hitler” — Politico headline

“I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed.” — Ben Carson, quoted by the Washington Post.

“Hell yeah, I would!” Jeb declared when asked if he would, in fact, travel back in time to kill baby Hitler. “You gotta step up, man.” — Jeb Bush, quoted in Salon 

"As perhaps the most anti-Hitler but also the most anti-abortion candidate,” asked a voter  of Ben Carson, "would you be in favor of aborting baby Hitler?"  Carson responded: "I'm not in favor of aborting anybody.” — Ben Carson quoted in the Huffington Post

“You might not care if Donald Trump says Muslims must register with their government because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says he’s going to round up all the Hispanic immigrants, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says it’s okay to rough up black protesters, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump wants to suppress journalists, because you’re not one. But think about this: If he keeps going, and he actually becomes president, he might just get around to you. And you better hope there’s someone left to help you.” — Web ad for John Kasich campaign