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What You Didn’t Know About Ronald Reagan National Airport

by Thomas A. Foster

It sits on the remains of an old slavery planation.

#Blacklivesmatter Till They Don't: Slavery's Lasting Legacy

by Daina Ramey Berry and Jennifer L. Morgan

The historical value of black life and the casual killing of Eric Garner.

How Watermelons Became a Racist Trope

by William Black

Before its subversion in the Jim Crow era, the fruit symbolized black self-sufficiency.

Why the Founding Fathers thought banning Torture Foundational to the US Constitution

by Juan Cole

The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution is full of prohibitions on torture, as part of a general 18th century Enlightenment turn against the practice.

What We Lost With the Loss of the New Republic

by David Greenberg

The magazine’s heterodox liberalism is what made it unique. And it’s that very voice that is being crowded out.

How our public schools at failing us

by Robert Zaretsky

A historian talks with his brother, a high school teacher. It’s discouraging.

How it all ends…

by David Bressan

The end of the world may come slowly, but it´s inevitable.

Why No One Remembers the Peacemakers

by Adam Hochschild

Celebrating War Over and Over and Peace Once

The CIA, Interrogation, and Feinstein’s Parting Shot

by Max Boot

"Feinstein’s report merely rakes up history and for no good purpose beyond predictable congressional grandstanding."

Prime Minister Abe’s history agenda is reshaping Japan

by Gavan McCormack

Few dare to challenge or oppose his radical program.

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