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Imperfect Union: The Constitution Didn't Foresee Divided Government

by Garrett Epps

Watching the battle between Obama and a Republican Congress for two years may shake Americans' faith in the Framers.

Obama’s JFK Problem

by Fredrik Logevall and Gordon M. Goldstein

How the battle between the president and his joint chiefs chairman over Iraq recalls the early days of Vietnam.

3rd Possibility: Coming Civil War in West Bank/ Jerusalem?

by Juan Cole

Observers of the evolution of the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians have long argued that there are only two likely outcomes of the alternating violence and diplomacy between the two sides that has gone on nearly 70 years now.

Why Is American Teaching So Bad?

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Who becomes a teacher in America? The answer keeps changing, and not in ways that should make any of us proud.

The President Who Never Earned His Varsity Letter

by Michael Beschloss

For a president who never made the front line of his college squad, football played a surprisingly large part in Richard Nixon’s life.

Delusions of the Democrats

by Kevin Baker

Demographics will not save them. A vision might.

Textbooks proposed for Texas schools open can of worms

by Emile J. Lester

"Students in Texas public schools could soon be learning that democracy and our nation’s government are based on the ideas of biblical figures like Moses and King Solomon."

Common Core: It Really Is All About the Tests (and Corporate Profits)

by Alan Singer

When you look at the history of the push for national standards you realize Common Core is all about testing.

This Republican Loved Taxes & Modern Art

by Scott Porch

A social progressive and a fiscal conservative, Nelson Rockefeller was closer to FDR than Reagan, says his biographer Richard Norton Smith.

Obama Is Legally Allowed to Enforce—or Not Enforce—the Law

by Eric A. Posner

Ross Douthat misunderstands the separation of powers

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