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In embracing an Ebola victim, Barack Obama succeeded where Ronald Reagan failed

by Laura Helmuth

"The hateful, homophobic, racist response to the AIDS crisis is one of the most shameful episodes in recent American history."

Obama learns LBJ’s tough lesson: You can have guns or butter, not both

by Robert Dallek

"Like Truman, Johnson and Jimmy Carter before him, Obama now looks like he could end his presidency on a sour note."

The global warming hoax

by Steve Hochstadt

"This would be the greatest hoax ever, because unlike every other hoax, it is being committed by all the world’s experts, which is precisely what the global warming deniers are claiming."

Liberals yearn to believe in post-ideological blank slates -- and get disappointed every time. Will we ever learn?

by Thomas Frank

“We are such losers”

The Reagan Reflex

by Jeff Shesol

Reagan’s appeal seems only to intensify with time.

Common Core and the End of History

by Alan Singer

"History education in the schools is clearly the victim of Common Core and efforts by New York and other states to secure federal Race to the Top dollars."

How we 'won' in Vietnam, but are losing at home

by Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Special interests weigh down America's economy, while Vietnam's young capitalism booms.

Okinawa: Why They Chose Death

by Jonathan Mirsky

The huge US offensive in Okinawa—the only part of Japan where US forces fought on the ground—lasted eighty-two days in the spring of 1945 and cost about as many lives altogether as the atom bombs themselves.

The War on ISIS: More Than One Battle

by Max Boot

In the Vietnam War, saving Khe Sanh seemed essential. Turned out it wasn’t.

Ben Bradlee, Spiro Agnew and the 'Gray-Haired Grandmother Defense'

by Charles J. Holden and Zach Messitte

The clever "Gray-Haired Grandmother Defense" argued that Mr. Cohen's notes on the Agnew investigation were actually the property of Graham, as his employer, and not the reporter.

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