history crisis

  • Where are all the history majors?

    by Benjamin M. Schmidt

    Of all the major disciplines, history has seen the steepest declines in the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded.

  • Where Historians Work

    The American Historical Association this week launches Where Historians Work an online tool tracking career outcomes for the more than 8,500 historians who earned their Ph.D.s at U.S. institutions between 2004 and 2014.

  • Where do historians live and work?

    The answer is provided in the AHA's “Where Historians Work,” an ambitious research project designed to track the career outcomes of everyone who earned a PhD in history from 2004–13 in the United States.

  • Calling Academe's Bluff

    Erin Bartram’s “quit lit” essay asks readers to consider what’s lost -- personally but especially in terms of disciplinary knowledge -- with so many scholars leaving a broken system behind.