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  • Originally published 06/15/2015

    What I’m Reading: An interview with Historian Heather Cox Richardson

    Tiffany April Griffin

    "I didn’t really choose history; it chose me. I’m from a small town, and grew up listening to people who made sense of the world through their stories about the past. History was very real to us, and very important for understanding the present."

  • Originally published 05/05/2015

    Why I Wrote a Book About the Wright Brothers (Interview)

    David McCullough

    "They were both brilliant. They weren’t just a couple of clever bicycle mechanics who got lucky. I’m convinced, and it’s self-evident once you know the full story, that Wilbur Wright was a genius."

  • Originally published 01/06/2015

    The Complex History of Pain: An Interview with Joanna Bourke

    Robin Lindley

    In her groundbreaking new book "The Story of Pain: From Prayer to Painkillers," renowned British historian Joanna Bourke explores how the understanding of the human sensation of pain has evolved over the past three centuries in the English-speaking world.