Drew Gilpin Faust

  • The Current Republic of Suffering

    by Murray Browne

    Drew Gilpin Faust's "This Republic of Suffering" inspires reflection on how the collective experiences of COVID and the loss of a half million Americans may shape the society that emerges. 

  • How David Brion Davis came to study slavery

    by Drew Gilpin Faust

    David Brion Davis, age eighty-six, has published the final volume in the trilogy he inaugurated with The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture (PSWC) and continued with The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution, 1770–1823 (PSAR) in 1975.

  • Where David Brion Davis fits in the historiography of slavery

    by Drew Gilpin Faust

    Since the middle of the twentieth century, our understanding of the American past has been revolutionized, in no small part because of our altered conceptions of the place of race in the nation’s history.