• Why Historians are Very Worried About a Second Term of Trump

    by Edward T. O'Donnell

    "Many of us see President Trump and his right-wing allies steering this country towards an authoritarianism that will end American democracy as we know it. It’s on account of these dark visions of the near future that nearly every historian I know says they have not slept well in ages."

  • The Right's War on Universities

    by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

    "From the fascist years in Europe, nearly a century ago, to our own times, right-wing leaders have accused universities of being incubators of left-wing ideologies and sought to mold them in the image of their own propaganda, policy, and policing aims."

  • The Coming Election and the Political State of Fugue

    by Danielle Taana Smith

    American institiutions are threatened with transformation into unrecognizable and undemocratic forms; stopping these changes means holding on to a collective sense of national purpose in the face of misinformation and gaslighting.

  • Stopping Trump’s Coup

    by Jim Sleeper

    A phalanx of fomer officials was persuaded by a book to publicly press for abandoning tactical nuclear warfare as a military strategy because of the risk of global annihilation. The prospect of a Trump coup requires living former presidents to close ranks against the prospect of ignoring or challenging the election results. 

  • Is it Fascism Yet?

    Columnist Renée Graham cites Ruth Ben-Ghiat's history of Italian fascism as a warning about authoritarianism's growth. 

  • Where Conspiracy Reigns

    Historians Rodrigo Patto Sá Motta and Federico Finchelstein offer insight into how the political right has used rumors of communist plots to maintain power in Brazil, and why the country's political culture today is vulnerable to fake news and conspiracy theories. 

  • "GUILTY": Justice for the Jesuits in El Salvador

    Applying the doctrine of Universal Jurisdiction for human rights abuses, a Spanish Court found former El Salvador Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano guilty in the assassination of six Jesuit priests and two Salvadoran women in 1989. The National Security Archive supplied hundreds of declassified documents as evidence. 

  • Fascism Scholar Says U.S. Is 'Losing Its Democratic Status'

    Political theorist Jason Stanley discusses where the United States today fits into his definitions of fascism. Trump's claims to personally protect Americans from humiliation, the rise of conspiratorial thinking, and the fragility of democratic processes are not encouraging signs.

  • Centrists Are Pining for a Golden Age that Never Was (Review)

    A review of Anne Applebaum's "Twilight of Democracy" argues that the author focuses on the role of nostalgia and personality in driving authoritarianism and breaking up the center-right coalition, but ignores the fact that that the center failed to deliver an improved standard of living to the broad public. 

  • No, America Is Not Succumbing To Fascism

    by Helmut Walser Smith

    A historian of 20th century Germany says the stark political divisions on display in America today are cause for optimism; four years into Hitler's rule, German society had been molded into conformity with Nazi ideals without room for dissent.