• Honduran President Was Washington's Man, Until He Wasn't

    Propped up in large part as a bulwark against a leftist political insurgency, Juan Orlando Hernandez's usefulness to American interests has apparently diminished sufficiently for his indictment on drug trafficking charges to proceed. 

  • Lost City Discovered in Honduras

    A recent expedition deep into the rainforest of Honduras has made a remarkable discovery, a mysterious lost city belonging to an unknown culture.

  • "City of Gold" found deep in Honduras?

    New images of a possible lost city hidden by Honduran rain forests show what might be the building foundations and mounds of Ciudad Blanca, a never-confirmed legendary metropolis.Archaeologists and filmmakers Steven Elkins and Bill Benenson announced last year that they had discovered possible ruins in Honduras' Mosquitia region using lidar, or light detection and ranging. Essentially, slow-flying planes send constant laser pulses toward the ground as they pass over the rain forest, imaging the topography below the thick forest canopy.What the archaeologists found and what the new images reveal are features that could be ancient ruins, including canals, roads, building foundations and terraced agricultural land. The University of Houston archaeologists who led the expedition will reveal their new images and discuss them Wednesday at the American Geophysical Union Meeting of the Americas in Cancun....