Wall Street

  • The Biggest Lesson of GameStop

    The GameStop episode highlights a dangerous development in the last 40 years of capitalism's history: the linking of broad-based purchasing power to the fluctuating prices of financial assets held in retirement accounts. 

  • The Forgotten History of the Financial Crisis

    by Adam Tooze

    What the world should have learned in 2008 is that foreign banks were racking up sizable liabilities that had to be paid in dollars. If the money markets where they obtained these dollars ceased to function, many of the world’s banks would immediately be at risk of failure.

  • Story of the Week: Wall Street's First Black Millionaire

    by Elizabeth Elliott

    Jeremiah Hamilton’s impressive and unlikely rise to infamy captured the attention of Australian Shane White, a professor of US history at the University of Sydney.

  • Melissa S. Fisher: How Women Rose and Took the Fall on Wall Street

    Melissa S. Fisher, a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University, is the author of “Wall Street Women.”When Ina Drew resigned as JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s chief investment officer last year after reports the bank lost more than $6 billion, the New York Times referred to her as “the woman who took the fall.”It is up for debate whether financial companies have scapegoated women such as Drew in the aftermath of the financial crisis. What is certain is that just half a century ago it was unimaginable that women might make it high enough in the ranks of Wall Street to take the fall for anything.