presidential history

  • The President Didn't Always Have Power Over Trade Deals

    by William Hauk

    Until the 1930s, it was Congress that set the terms of U.S. trade negotiations with other countries and raised and lowered tariffs as it saw fit, while the president did little but sign his name.

  • Accidental Presidents: A Conversation with Historian Jared Cohen

    On his podcast, Chris Riback's Conversations, Riback and Cohen discuss Cohen's new book, “Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America,” which looks at the “eight men [who] succeeded to the presidency when the incumbent died in office. In one way or another they vastly changed our history.”

  • The 2020 Election and Presidential Age

    by Ronald L. Feinman

    We could have the oldest President in American history at inauguration with Sanders, Biden or Warren, or the youngest President in American history with Buttigieg, Gabbard, Swalwell or Moulton.