• Cheers... to Drinking Songs

    by R. Eric Tippin

    Drinking songs have been pervasive in human history, but profoundly divided between those framing drink as a divine gift ordered by ritual and those concerned with a party. 

  • The Hard Seltzer Trend Echoes the 19th Century Craze for Lager

    "Lagers were introduced by a wave of German immigrants pouring in from Europe. To uninitiated Americans, lager was simply weird. But for Germans-turned-German-Americans, the beer was inseparable from the culture of its consumption."

  • America Has a Drinking Problem

    The shifting social setting of American alcohol consumption, as much as its volume, is cause for concern. 

  • A Bloody Mary Bar and a Barroom Full of Fun

    by Bruce Chadwick

    The story includes the history of the Bloody Mary, Irish Coffee. Champagne and the Bellini, brunch drinks, told in spirited, light hearted songs presented by a seasoned and a deliciously giddy cast.