Fake News

  • How Abraham Lincoln Confronted—and Helped Spread—Political Misinformation

    by Elizabeth Mitchell

    Today's media makes it easier to identify stories with reporters who have a track record for credibility (or lack thereof), and harder for political partisans to plant misinformation, though as even Honest Abe's track record shows, politicians will use disinformation to their advantage as much as they can. 

  • History in an Age of Fake News

    by Patrick Iber

    Historians can be bothersome, remembering past practices that no longer meet changing moral standards, or never did.

  • When George Washington fought fake news

    Forged letters from before his presidency claimed to show in his own words that he privately sympathized with the British monarchy and thought the American cause was doomed.

  • How We Solved Fake News the First Time

    by Stephen Marche

    Since the beginning of the Internet, the unintended consequences of its arrival have been routinely compared to the fallout from the invention of the printing press.