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Fake News

  • Originally published 03/24/2017

    How new is “fake news”?

    James W. Cortada

    What history teaches us is that American politics seemed to generate more fake news than almost any other activity of the nation.

  • Originally published 02/23/2017

    The Antidemocratic Origins of Fake News

    Jeremy C. Young

    The cynical philosophy of those who peddled false information in the 1910s and 1920s can help us understand why fake news is not only bad for the public but also antithetical to a democratic culture.

  • Originally published 02/21/2017

    Fake News and the Founding Fathers

    John Avlon

    This administration’s attacks on the press are directed at anyone who dares to disagree or try to hold them accountable. Nothing could be further from the example George Washington set.

  • Originally published 02/16/2017

    The True History of Fake News

    Robert Darnton

    The concoction of alternative facts is hardly rare, and the equivalent of today’s poisonous, bite-size texts and tweets can be found in most periods of history, going back to the ancients.