Andrew Johnson

  • Trump and Lincoln Are Opposite Kinds of Presidents

    When historians rank the worst presidents in American history, indecision and inaction in the face of crisis are common attributes. Until now, most of the worst served before or after the Civil War.

  • Donald Trump, Meet Your Precursor

    by Manisha Sinha

    Andrew Johnson pioneered the recalcitrant racism and impeachment-worthy subterfuge the president is fond of.

  • If You Want To End Racism, Stop Forgiving Racists

    by Carol Anderson

    We have tended to forgive those who waged the most sustained, brutal assaults in the name of white supremacy, without requiring them to repudiate their beliefs or actions in return.

  • Ron Chernow on the Midterm Elections of 1866

    by Amy Davidson Sorkin

    In 1866, President Andrew Johnson pressured Ulysses S. Grant into joining him in a series of rallies where he aired his vulgarity and racism.

  • The failed president who almost got ousted

    by Donald Nieman

    Who’s the most vulgar, racist, thin-skinned, vituperative U.S. president?  Donald Trump and Andrew Johnson have much in common.

  • They Were Bad. He May Be Worse.

    by Sean Wilentz

    The best way to evaluate President Trump's first year in office is to compare him not with the great presidents but with the worst.

  • Who Else Is Trump Like?

    by Ronald L. Feinman

    Presidents John Tyler and Andrew Johnson, two previous presidents who faced impeachment.