Robin Lindley

Robin Lindley is a Seattle-based writer and attorney. He is features editor for the History News Network (hnn.us), and his work also has appeared in Writer’s Chronicle, Crosscut, Documentary, NW Lawyer, Real Change, Huffington Post, Bill Moyers.com, Salon.com, and more. He has a special interest in the history of human rights and medicine. He can be reached by email: robinlindley@gmail.com.

  • Inspiration from the Banks of the Indus River: A Conversation with Nibir K. Ghosh

    by Robin Lindley

    Indian professor of literature and public intellectual Nibir Ghosh discusses his recent book examining the ability of writing to cross borders and speak to universal issues of human dignity, a call to "heed the voices of philosophers, poet-prophets, writers and intellectuals who have warned us time and again to bring in a revolutionary change in our attitude and approach to halt our onerous march toward doom."

  • Fabrication and Fraud in the Lost Cause: Historian Adam Domby Interviewed

    by Robin Lindley

    "I had two articles that I wanted to write. One was all about white supremacy and memory and the other was about lies and memory. And then I looked at those projects and it eventually dawned on me that this was actually the same project. The lies were part of the monuments and the white supremacy aspect was tied to the monuments and the Confederate fraud."