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Webinar: Make the Most of Your Postdoc (10/8/2020)

A postdoc is the first position many history PhDs take after finishing their dissertations. Postdocs are often research-oriented positions, but are increasingly likely to include significant teaching or administrative commitments. No matter what their title or responsibilities, postdocs often inhabit liminal spaces within the university and the discipline. With limited mentoring and institutional support, these early career historians can find themselves unsure about how best to use their time in the face of impending career decisions and uncertain about pathways to secure employment in or beyond the professoriate. Join us for a conversation about how universities could better support postdocs and how recent history PhDs can make the most out of a postdoc.

Lindsey Martin, Northwestern Univ.

Beth Healey, Northwestern Univ.
Courtney Wiersema, Univ. of Chicago
Travis E. Ross, Yale Univ.
Dara Walker, Penn State Univ.

This Career Development Webinar Series is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, using funding from the CARES Act. Learn more here: https://www.historians.org/jobs-and-professional-development/professional-life/virtual-career-development

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