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Activists are combatting the U.S. Army's multimillion dollar commemoration of the War in Vietnam

As some of you know, the U.S. Department of Defense has some large sum of money appropriated to tell "its side" of the Vietnam War. During the 1970s, American public opinion changed decisively about the war, so that 75% of Americans came to believe that it was wrong both politically and also morally. 

Given these facts:
    -- Vietnam was supposed to hold unifying elections after the Geneva Peace Accords, with which we agreed (but which we did not sign). However, the U.S. prevented these elections from happening in the southern part of Vietnam, which our puppet, Diem, controlled, because, as Pres. Eisenhower put it, "Ho Chi Minh would win 80% of the vote."
    -- Our astoundingly large intervention (in terms of bombs dropped, troops deployed, etc.) could never have won the war, because "our side" did not include any legitimate government. There was no one to win it for.
    -- Our purported worldview -- that Vietnam was an instance of the worldwide Communist menace, a domino that, if it fell, would ultimately imperil San Francisco -- was shown to be false in 1978 when Communist Vietnam attacked Communist Laos and in 1979 when Communist China attacked Communist Vietnam.
    -- We now seem to get along swimmingly with Vietnam, especially economically.

It follows that the 75% were right! However, it seems extremely doubtful that the U.S. D.O.D. will base their commemorations on these facts. Accordingly, it falls to us, the people, to correct the record.

See the following event for one example -- a two-day conference at "Lincoln's church," the NY Ave. Presby. Church here in Washington, DC, on Friday, May 1, and Saturday, May 2. For a complete program, click here.

This is a fitting location, since Abraham Lincoln opposed our War on Mexico for both moral and political grounds.