For Jackie Kennedy/Bobby Kennedy affair rumors, third time not the charm

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C. David Heymann is alleging - for the third time - that Jacqueline and Bobby Kennedy had an affair, and once again, other Kennedy biographers are slamming the author's claim.

In his new book, "Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story" (available on July 14 from Simon & Schuster's Atria Books), Heymann interviews several on-the-record witnesses who say that the in-laws had a sexual relationship after JFK's assassination in 1963.

David Talbot, author of "Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years," refused to even comment on Heymann's tome because he doesn't believe the writer is a credible source on the Kennedy family.

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Vernon Clayson - 6/26/2009

With Ted Kennedy on his last legs, C. David Heymann is trying to get in on a last gasp of interest in the Kennedy family. No one cares, Mr. Heymann, both are long gone and we have more recent speculation to titillate us, e.g., SC Governor Sanford, how cool is it to have an Argentine girl friend? I've not seen a photograph of her so it's sight unseen, but I bet all the other females involved with high ranking politicians pale in comparison.