Cross-stitch recreation of Sistine Chapel ceiling

A needle-worker has created a jaw-dropping vision of the Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling in simple cross-stitch.

Using a British concept by cross-stitch 'guru' Dave Peters, called Xstitch Professional, Canadian Joanna Lopianowski-Roberts, 44, who lives in San Francisco, California, spent at least one hour a day for eight years with the work on her lap.

Over the following decade and by committing a total of 3,572 hours, which the IT management consultant and her house-husband Aaron Roberts, 45, clinically timed on a stopwatch, her vision became a reality.

As is the method with cross-stitching Mrs Lopianowski-Roberts had to pre-design an outline for each 'fresco' on her main canvas and then fill in all of the 45 sections with colour and detail by stitching.

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