88 years old--and confronted with allegation of WW II crimes

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An 88-year-old man living in Michigan who is now the subject of a criminal investigation in Poland into allegations he shot Jews while working in a Nazi-controlled police unit during World War II insists he did nothing wrong.

Polish officials are investigating what happened nearly 70 years ago in what is now the Ukrainian city of Lviv. The U.S. Justice Department has also agreed to help by questioning John Kalymon about murder, death camps and other atrocities against Jews there in 1942.

"I don't feel guilty," the white-haired, retired auto engineer told The Associated Press during a brief visit Monday to his suburban Detroit home.

His lawyer is resisting the investigation.

"He guarded a stack of coal from looters. He didn't expend any rounds of ammunition and didn't commit any atrocities," Elias Xenos said of his client's work for the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police when Kalymon was in his early 20s. "He's disappointed that one or more governments are still trying to pursue him based on flimsy evidence."

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