Japan's PM snubs son of British POW

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Japan's prime minister, Taro Aso, faced fresh demands that he apologise to former prisoners of war after he cancelled a meeting with the son of a Royal Navy stoker used as a slave labourer in his family's coal mines.

James McAnulty, from Wishaw in Lanarkshire, had been told that he would be able to meet Taro Aso and make his request for an apology and compensation for his father's suffering during the Second World War. But after he travelled to Japan the prime minister's office cancelled the meeting.

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Vernon Clayson - 6/24/2009

Neither the PM or the POW's son were personally involved. It's just another craven self-identified victim in search of compensation. It's been at least 64 years, how long has James McAnulty actually suffered from his father's plight, sorry, McAnulty, no lottery win for you. Get over it.