Ratko Mladic video shows him 'living freely in Serbia'

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A Bosnian television station has broadcast footage it claims show war crimes fugitive Ratko Mladic living freely in Serbia.

The hour-long video purports to show him enjoying the snow in a ski resort and going on family outings, despite being wanted on war crimes charges in connection with the Bosnian civil war.

The previously unseen images, some of them allegedly filmed as recently as a few months ago, appear to confound Serbia's insistence that it is doing all it can to arrest the former general.

Sarajevo-based FTV television network said they show Mladic enjoying himself in various restaurants and apartments in the Belgrade suburb of Kosutnjak and also at what appears to be a military barracks in Serbia, in the company of senior Serbian army officers.

The station said it had more than an hour of footage of Mladic, the most recent filmed last winter at an unidentified ski resort, where he stands with two women identified as his wife and daughter-in-law.

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