Researchers uncover thousands more Nazi camps than previously thought

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The Encyclopaedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945 aims to catalogue most of Adolf Hitler's Nazi concentration camps, POW camps, prisons, and other persecution sites used during the Second World War. Project director Geoffrey Megargee of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC told Deutsche Welle that the first surprise he encountered in this endeavor was realising how far the network stretched.

"When the project started we thought we were dealing with perhaps 5,000, perhaps 7,000 sites. But as we started to get into the research for the encyclopaedia we started to see the numbers go up and up and up, and within a couple of years we were up around 20,000," he said.

Not the upper limit

Megargee also said that there were even more than 20,000 detention centers that the Nazis used, citing the infamous Gestapo prisons, which were present in"every town of any size", as an example of an area that the encyclopaedia will not be able to cover extensively.

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