Soviet Wreck Found on the Baltic Sea Floor

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When it comes to sea floors, that of the Baltic Sea counts among the most cluttered. Barrels of toxic waste, World War II munitions and a wide variety of other detritus has settled to the bottom of the northern European body of water over the years.

On Tuesday, a team of Swedish and Finnish divers announced the most recent find: a Soviet submarine sunk by Finnish mines in the Winter War of 1939-1940. Speaking to the press on Tuesday, the divers said that they found the S-2 sub near the Aland Islands, located between Finland and Sweden.

"I think it has been 10 years since people started searching," Marten Zetterstrom, a member of the team which found the sub, said according to the Associated Press. "I've been part of it for four to five years."

The divers found the submarine in February, but waited until Tuesday to announce the find so they could confirm its identity. Markus Lindholm an expert based in Aland, said that pictures of the wreck indicate that the front of the submarine was missing, likely destroyed when the vessel cruised into a Finnish mine field in 1940. All 50 people on board were killed.

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