D-Day veterans fear being sidelined amid politicians' 'jamboree'

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Veterans of the D-Day landings say they fear being "shoved" aside amid the clamour for dignitaries at the 65th anniversary commemorations in.

As hundreds of survivors of the 1944 campaign made their way to France for a series of events on Friday and Saturday, the Normandy Veterans Association (NVA) warned that the anniversary was in danger of ecoming a "jamboree" for politicians on a "jolly".

Peter Hodge, Honorary General Secretary of the NVA, which is holding its last ever official commemorations this year, said that veterans had become a "political football" in recent weeks amid recriminations over the organisation for the anniversary.

About 800 veterans of the Normandy campaign will attend what is expected to be last such gathering ever held on the soil they liberated.

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