DC Preservation League Lists 'Endangered Places'

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The large house at 619 D St. SE dates to 1795; its windows are boarded up, moss grows on its bricks. The Maples, also known as Friendship House, is one of six locales announced yesterday on the D.C. Preservation League's annual list of "Most Endangered Places."

Since 1996, the league has compiled a list of sites it considers to be of historic, cultural and architectural significance that are threatened by neglect, demolition or other pressures. Some of the previous listings have received more attention.

For example, Battleground National Cemetery, in the 6000 block of Georgia Avenue NW, listed in 2005, will get some improvements through the recently approved federal stimulus package, officials said.

John D. Bellingham, president of the league's board, said that a yearly reminder of the city's past brings needed publicity. "It's an important part of our history," he said. "You can remodel them, but you can't replicate them."

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