Texas Civil War park restored just in time for another hurricane season

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The bronze likeness of Lt. Richard W. Dowling, a Confederate officer, has survived two hurricanes in the last five years, an accomplishment as against the odds as the victory he and few dozen rebel Texas soldiers won against a huge Union force almost 150 years ago.

But the double whammy of Hurricane Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike last year left the Sabine Pass Battleground Park in shambles. Trees were toppled and ripped out. Historical markers were snapped off and creature comforts for visitors were swept away from one of the few Civil War battlefield sites in Texas....

Now, after a healthy dose of tender loving care from the man who alone oversees the park maintenance, and a $600,000 rebuilding program directed by the Texas Historical Commission, the battlefield site is to reopen, probably in September and just in time for the most dangerous part of the hurricane season.

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