Clinton and Bush Share Stage — and Mutual Admiration

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"Welcome to the Bill and George Show."

That was how former President George W. Bush greeted a crowd of 5,000 Friday evening in Toronto who had paid a few hundred dollars to hear Bush and fellow former leader of the free world Bill Clinton share their experiences — and perhaps their differences — as commander-in-chief.

Thwart them they did. For the most part, the two men, who have been friendly for a couple of years now, traded stories and compliments, part of predictable duet of regard and respect that comes from having occupied the most difficult job on earth.

Even walking his dog Barney in his Dallas neighborhood is a clear mark of the change in Bush's lifestyle. "We're walking down the street and the little fella' sees this unbelievably manicured garden, and there I was, former President, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had dodged for eight solid years."

Clinton, whose own life has undergone an unexpected course correction now that his wife is America's top diplomat, admitted to being in something of a straight-jacket for the first time in years.

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