US warship becomes Florida reef

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A series of controlled explosions has sunk a World War II US troop ship to create an artificial reef off Florida.

The General Hoyt S Vandenberg sank in less than two minutes after experts detonated explosives off Key West.

Officials hope the reef will attract divers, boosting the economy by $8m (£5m). They also say fish, coral and other marine life will be drawn to it.

The ship was last used by the US Air Force to track missiles and spacecraft.

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Raul A Garcia - 6/2/2009

The artificial reef program has largely worked. I only complain about a few lost hooks and break offs when large fish (no doubt grouper) won a tussle with me. They do indeed afford habitat to fish and soon turn into veritable coral reefs. I understand the oil derricks in the Gulf also become fish attractants and great fishing spots.

David Migneault - 5/29/2009

Thanks again to the U.S Military not only do they protect us. They are supporting our economy and ecosystem. This brings all kinds of life to Florida Keys.