Website publishes now-declassified Reagan NSC transcripts

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Almost five-years after President Ronald Reagan’s passing, and just over twenty-years since Reagan left office, records from the Reagan Administration are just now revealing what it was like to be in the room with President Reagan when decisions were made that shaped the 21st century.

Until now, only a few of these NSC/NSPG meeting minutes have ever been published.

Here is some of what President Reagan told his advisers during his NSC and NSPG meetings:

“My own feeling – and one which I have talked at length – is that we are way behind, perhaps decades, in establishing good relations with the two Americas.

“We must change the attitude of our diplomatic corps so that we don’t bring down governments in the name of human rights. None of them is as guilty of human rights violations as are Cuba and the USSR. We don’t throw out our friends just because they can’t pass the ‘saliva test’ on human rights. I want to see that stopped. We need people who recognize that philosophy.

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