Name a school after Obama already?

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Barack Obama has been president only four months, but already his name is cropping up on schools, other buildings and avenues across the country. The most recent example is in St. Paul, where the school board voted Tuesday night to change the name of Webster Magnet Elementary, which had honored Daniel Webster, to Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary....

“We have had buildings named after living individuals, but as a rule, they are no longer holding office,” said Renee Miscione, a spokeswoman for the General Services Administration. “With federal judges, who are appointed for life, we don’t name buildings after them until they are deceased.”

The National Register of Historic Places has no such qualms about living presidents, even those still in office. Bestowing a different yet similar kind of honor, the register listed George W. Bush’s childhood home in Midland, Tex., in 2004, while he was president. Bill Clinton’s birthplace, in Hope, Ark., was listed in 1994, during his first term, and his boyhood home in Hot Springs, Ark., was listed in 1995.

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