Bones were prehistoric American Indians' (Indianapolis)

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Bones found in the basement of an Albany barbershop belong to three prehistoric American Indians, Delaware County Coroner Jim Clevenger said.

While officials have identified whom the bones belonged to, it remains a mystery how the bones ended up in the basement of a building in downtown Albany, about 70 miles northeast of Indianapolis, where Gary Engelbrecht runs Fading Tradition barbershop.

The building housed a bank until 1965 and has been an insurance office, a consignment shop and an apartment in later years.

The group of three skeletons included at least one male and one female, Clevenger said. The three American Indians were believed to have died sometime after the age of 45 and showed no signs of traumatic injury at the time of death.

Clevenger will work with the state archaeologist and American Indian authorities to determine what should happen to the bone fragments. Until that time, the bones will remain secured at the University of Indianapolis.

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