US grandmom offers Depression-era recipes to survive the recession

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With her kindly manner and knack for turning the humblest ingredients into a meal fit for any guest, Clara Cannucciari is every American's idea of the perfect 'grandmom'.

Now, with the US economy in the midst of its greatest downturn since the 1930s, his videos of his 93-year-old grandmother have become a YouTube sensation, inspiring hundreds of thousands of Americans struggling to feed their families.

The hardships of the Depression can also be heard in her commentary, as she marinates some thin slices of steak in olive oil and lemon juice, and recalls the rare occasions when some unexpected good fortune enabled her family to eat meat.

Mrs Cannucciari, who lives in New York state, is too infirm now for more film shoots or interviews. But later this year her first cookery book, Clara's Kitchen, Wisdom and recipes from the Great Depression, will bring her homespun wisdom to a new audience.

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