Former intern to tell of affair with John F. Kennedy

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A former White House intern who had a 17-month affair with President John F Kennedy is to tell her story for the first time.

Mimi Beardsley Alford, now 66, a retired New York church administrator, will receive an advance believed to be worth nearly $1 million (£630,000) from Random House, the publisher, for her memoir.

Mrs Alford, who is breaking her silence after more than 45 years, maintained the secret about her relationship with the womanising president until a new Kennedy biography was published in 2003.

That book revealed that he began an affair in June 1962 with Mimi Beardsley. The 19-year-old student working in the White House press office was described as a "tall, slender, beautiful" by Kennedy's biographer, Robert Dallek.

She gave a brief statement confirming a "sexual relationship" had lasted until his assassination in November 1963, but has said nothing more since then.

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