U. of Colorado Makes It Official: Ward Churchill Is Not Welcome Back

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The University of Colorado has filed a court brief formally responding to Ward Churchill’s bid for court-ordered reinstatement to the faculty. As university officials had suggested would be the case, their stand on his reinstatement is a very emphatic no.

In the brief, filed yesterday in state court, the university’s lawyers note that the jury that found last month that Mr. Churchill had been fired unjustly, in violation of his free-speech rights, also determined that he was due only $1 in damages. The jury’s decision to award Mr. Churchill such a nominal sum “can be seen only as a complete repudiation of Professor Churchill’s scholarship and the jury’s ultimate conclusion that he destroyed his own reputation.”

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Vernon Clayson - 5/22/2009

Faux Indian and dubious scholar but it took Colorado seventee years to recognize and do something about it. For most of that time they gloried in his presence, how gracious they must have felt welcoming an aborigine as their equal. It is odd that no one thought to question him, it was probably the long hair and beaded jewelry, but could he dance?