'Don't lie about Russia's war history'

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RUSSIAN president Dmitry Medvedev has formed a commission to protect Moscow's version of Second World War history from "falsifications", amid growing concern over attempts to downplay or criticise the country's war record.

A presidential decree posted on the Kremlin's website said "the commission will engage in the compilation and analysis of information on the falsification of historical facts and events, directed at lowering the international prestige of the Russian Federation".

It comes days after the president warned against anybody questioning Russian history and its wartime sacrifice – millions of Soviet civilians and soldiers died in years of bloody fighting and German occupation .

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Dalek Dukat - 5/21/2009

It is good to see the Russians standing up for themselves. Now, the trick will be to try to get as many English-language books written about battles like Operation Bagration available in North America, which is so awash in books about D-Day that one could be forgiven for thinking that D-Day was the sole deciding factor in bringing down the Reich.