Parallels abound in killing of journalists three decades apart

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A man accused of killing a U.S. journalist because of his investigative work admits his role, giving testimony that implicates two more in the slaying. Sound familiar?

Perhaps doubly so. It's the story not only of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey, shot to death on a downtown Oakland sidewalk in August 2007, but also of Don Bolles, an Arizona Republic reporter killed by a car bomb in Phoenix in June 1976. In the 31 years between, there was no other case in which multiple defendants were charged with killing an American journalist on American soil.

In the Bolles case, John Harvey Adamson admitted planting the remote-controlled bomb and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, agreeing to testify against Max Dunlap — who he said had paid him to do it — and James Robison, who he said triggered the bomb. At the trial, prosecutors would say Dunlap masterminded the hit because Bolles' reporting had angered his wealthy benefactor.

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