Legend of Geronimo's bones one of many about the Apache chief

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The story of Geronimo epitomizes the Old West: a larger-than-life Indian warrior whose remarkable exploits in battle bordered on the supernatural.

His remains also have taken on interest beyond all expectations. Some people believe grave robbers, including Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of future presidents, took his skull for use in a powerful secret society at Yale University.

Historians don't buy it. They say Geronimo is still buried at Fort Sill in Oklahoma and that many of the legends surrounding the Apache medicine man are more myth than reality.

David Miller, a retired professor at Cameron University in Lawton who has spent years studying Geronimo and the controversy surrounding the grave, says he's confident Geronimo's remains still lie at his grave site beneath an ornate pyramid of rounded cobblestones topped with a stone eagle.

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