Holocaust Denial Widespread Among Israel's Arabs

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More than 40 percent of Israel's Arab citizens say the Holocaust never happened, and barely one half think Israel has a right to exist, according to a survey published Monday. But the academic who directed it said the results were likely more statements of protest than belief.

Sammy Smooha believes the numbers, which have shown a significant shift in the past few years, signal a rising frustration among minority Arabs in the Jewish state. He said the growing Holocaust denial is fueled by a belief that recognizing the World War II genocide, in which German Nazis and their collaborators murdered 6 million Jews, gives justification to Israeli policies.

The survey found that 41 percent of respondents say the Holocaust never happened, up from 28 percent who said so in 2006 when the question was first asked.

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Per Fagereng - 5/20/2009

When Israeli Arabs deny the Holocaust they are giving up their strongest argument. The Holocaust really did happen. It was perpetrated by Germans and many other Europeans. But the Palestinians paid for the crime.

Now the Europeans can assuage their guilt by supporting Israel's right to exist among the dispossessed scapegoats.