Interior Secretary Salazar Urged to Stop Museum Plan for Valley Forge National Historical Park

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The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees is urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to intervene over development at Valley Forge National Historical Park. At issue is whether the American Revolution Center can turn private land that has historical ties to the Revolutionary War into a sprawling museum complex.

The retirees and the National Parks Conservation Association long have lobbied against the development, saying it's inappropriate for the setting. Also on record opposing the development are officials for the historical park, although former National Park Service Director Mary Bomar never publicly took a stance. The 78 acres involved are bordered on three sides by the park.

While NPCA back in December filed a lawsuit challenging the local zoning ordinance under which the project was approved, a federal judge said her court was not the proper venue. As a result, earlier this month the NPCA turned to the Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) Court of Common Pleas for relief, but also appealed the federal judge's decision.

Now the retirees coalition is urging Secretary Salazar to intervene.

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