Demjanjuk Lands in Munich

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It is the end of long and bitter legal battle: The alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk has finally landed in Germany after months of fighting his deportation from the US. The 89-year-old landed at Munich airport on Tuesday morning. He could now face the last big Nazi trial in Germany.

The aircraft taxied directly into the Lufthansa hangar at 9.15 a.m. local time accompanied by police cars and ambulances. Demjanjuk was brought to the remand prison at Stadelheim in Munich, where he is to undergo a medical examination. An investigating judge will formally issue him with an arrest warrant later on Tuesday.

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john richard barker - 5/16/2009

indeed! we can only hope. can u imagine the american politicians and policymakers, past and present, who should be on planes going to the four corners of the earth to be tried for their crimes against humanity and war crimes?

Donald Wolberg - 5/15/2009

Justice layed is indeed justice denied. The sadness of course is that the men, women and children behind the wire in the camps this man served, were denied life and he managed to have a life. But justice will in the end prevail.