Royal Navy flypast marks century of aviation (UK)

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A flight of Royal Navy aircraft flew over London yesterday, circling the Houses of Parliament in an air show to mark 100 years of naval aviation.

The Duke of York, who saw active service as a naval pilot during the Falklands conflict, joined war veterans on board the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, moored at Greenwich, southeast London. Merlin, Sea King and Lynx helicopters as well as Hawk and Jetstream aircraft took part. Prince Andrew said: “Aviation is a very challenging business and it is a particularly challenging business when you try to do it off a deck.”

Among the airmen on board were Captain Eric Brown, the Navy’s most decorated pilot, and the Swordfish pilot John Moffat, whose torpedo crippled the Bismarck.

Prince Andrew added that he was very proud to have served for 20 years. He said: “We are here to celebrate 100 years of incredible achievement.”

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