Few East Germans interested in revisiting Stasi atrocities

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Berlin's notorious Stasi detention center is now a memorial site meant to educate visitors about the injustices committed under communism. But many are worried that former East Germans simply aren't interested.

Only 20 percent of visitors to the Hohenschoenhausen Memorial come from the eastern German states that made up the GDR.

Hohenschoenhausen is a unique "living memorial" which includes many of the original prison furnishings, providing a sort of time capsule to show what prison life was like for many of the GDR's best-known dissidents. The memorial has been hugely successful in the 15 years since it opened, attracting a record 250,000 visitors last year.

The generation, which lived under Communism also does not seem to be discussing Stasi brutality with their children. Several school-aged visitors at the recent exhibit said the subject was brushed over, both at school and at home.

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