Bush Library Raises $100 Million in 100 Days

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George W. Bush has often said that historians will vindicate his presidency. And since he left office, he's been moving fast to give them the tools.

Longtime financial backers of the 43rd President have raised more than $100 million for a presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas that will house his official papers, sources close to Bush told TIME. Much of the money was collected in the 100 days or so since Bush left the White House, a pace much faster than that of his recent predecessors. At least so far, none of it has come from overseas, the sources said. (See pictures of George W. Bush as President.)

The Bush fundraising effort, compared with that of his predecessor, is off to a brisk start.

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Greg L, Reinders - 5/5/2009

I would expect all the fat rich folks he made richer while President would contribute, you got to put the money somewhere!